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First-Class Services

With end-to-end data centre solutions designed to help enterprise respond dynamically to change, we are flexible to adapt to your ever-growing business needs.


Flexible commercial terms to match however your requirements are.


Get premium support from a team of specialised personnel, for a peace of mind.

High density

Built with high-power density without supplemental cooling for improved cost efficiency.


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Gain strategic reach in vital business hubs through our network of best-in-class data centres in major developing and emerging markets. Our on-site teams ensure that every facility is operated according to STT GDC’s Centre of Excellence, a strict internal benchmark for operational excellence, energy-efficiency and security, matching local expertise to our global strength.

This solid technology foundation anchors a diverse set of deployment requirements, and together with our customer centric approach lets us cater to unique colocation requirements at the most flexible commercial terms to meet present and future needs.


state-of-the-art facilities
>130 data centres
in key markets globally
Carrier neutral
with ample connectivity options
Flexible solutions
to meet your business requirements
Operational excellence
with our teams of qualified experts

Accelerate Your Business

Because we know one size doesn’t fit all. Accelerate the Growth of Your
Enjoy the best possible speed, flexibility, and scalability for your business with colocation solutions that are specifically designed to adapt to your evolving needs. We take care of the technical details; you gain immediate access to state-of-the-art facilities and equipment to take your business forward.
Upgrade to private cage for increased security and privacy, while maintaining flexibility and affordability. Depending on your deployment size and requirements, choose from various options of high quality metal enclosures and secured access controls.
When privacy and security are top priority, a private suite offers the greatest flexibility and options to customise the most suitable fit-out for the largest footprint requirements. Physically segregate your hardware from the rest in the data centre, and install independently managed security mechanisms and advanced access controls.
Containment systems separates the supply of cold air from the hot equipment exhaust air to improve energy efficiencies and increase deployment density. Thereby, allows for reduction in deployment footprint for the same compute power.
Bespoke Solutions.png
We understand that your needs are unique, and the importance of having the right solution for your data centre requirements when pre-packaged offerings fall short. It is hence crucial to discuss your needs with us so that we can understand it and help you achieve the desired level of reliability for your IT environment. The design and build of your data centre is an important project that needs to be carefully considered from the initial design, and entails putting in place the right systems for ongoing protection and peace of mind. At STT GDC, we consider not only the optimal reliability and performance specification for your facility, but also how to achieve it with the most cost-effective investment and lowest operational costs. You can rely on our expertise to design and build bespoke data centre solutions to fit your precise requirements, be it security, equipment specifications or data centre configurations. Builds can either be built-to-specifications or modular, and can be single-tenanted.